Kendall Jenner Shares What Gets Her Through Fashion Month

We caught up with the jet-setting supermodel at the Longchamp Fall 2020 show
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New York Fashion Week is always busy, but this season is on a whole new level. With the Oscars happening a few weeks earlier than usual, many top models, editors, and talents are spending part of their time in Los Angeles, whether for fashion shows or all the awards celebrations. But even though a lot is going on out west, there's still a jam-packed schedule of shows in New York, meaning fashion favourites like Kendall Jenner have been rushing around the country to catch all the action.

Mere hours after she was spotted having her first major runway moment of the season in LA, Jenner was quick to make a New York appearance, attending the Longchamp Fall 2020 show on Saturday afternoon. A face of the brand for nearly two years now, the supermodel wore a printed turtleneck, long leather shorts, and knee-high boots from the new collection (yes, the one that was premiering at the event) as she strolled into the sunny space at Hudson Commons. Though she had spent the night traveling, Jenner was all smiles, owing in part to the energy of the show.

"I think the space is really nice, and the light's really pretty," Jenner said of what she enjoyed most about attending Longchamp's latest runway event. "The outfits were obviously awesome. I think Sophie [Delafontaine, the creative director] killed it."

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Jenner's high spirits following her whirlwind 24 hours spoke volumes, especially since she's been vocal about the pressures of the fashion industry and unafraid to take a step back when she's needed it. After returning to regular runway participation last season, it seems the model is still embracing her busy lifestyle thanks to the way the creative field inspires her.

"I get to do these almost mini world tours with some of my friends," Jenner said of what she's most excited about at the start of fashion month. "We all have similar jobs. Being able to run around with my friends and being able to share this experience with them, and being able to be backstage seeing the creative process firsthand behind some of these shows, is really cool."

True fans of Jenner know that fashion is not the only thing she is busy with at the moment, as she's also preparing to launch a makeup collaboration with Kylie — becoming the last sister to do so in a highly anticipated moment. And while the products seem more likely to lean towards her love of a classic, natural look, the model definitely has an appreciation for the bold beauty trends that have been taking the industry by storm.

"I was really into and still am into the colour trend," Jenner said, explaining her favourite part of maximalism being back in the beauty sphere. "Everyone’s into colour. And I think a good bold eye is really fun when it comes to a pop of colour."

While Jenner's ensemble stuck to classic black, the new Longchamp collection as a whole featured colourful boots in shades like green, yellow, and silver, perfect to accompany the makeup trends everyone has been loving. Bold beauty and fun boots? This year in fashion is looking bright when it comes to self-expression.


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