Keep It Chic On National Day With These Red And White Looks

August 9 is going to look a little different this year with the country still on high alert concerning the pandemic and celebrations therefore considerably toned down, but you can nevertheless express your love for our tiny island by busting out your red and white glad rags in a show of solidarity for our homeland
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Salvatore Ferragamo Pre-Fall 2020

Red Hot

As far as wearable colours go, red is definitely on the “out there” end of the spectrum, but don’t let its flamboyance daunt you. This unapologetic hue is synonymous with passion, power and positivity, and donning it has been proven to boost your confidence, so channel your inner girl power and reach for red. If neutral tones are your go-to, you can start small and add a subtle pop of colour with bright and bold accoutrements, then work your way up by layering a crimson piece or print with an otherwise monochrome outfit (white perhaps?). Or crank the wattage up to the maximum and go head-to-toe rouge, if you dare. Either way, you’ll be flashing both your polish and patriotism at once.



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Fendi Pre-Fall 2020

Carte Blanche

There are a lot of pseudo rules associated with wearing white, but you’d do well to throw that book out of the window. Fashion is all about self-expression, so seriously, you do you. But should you be in a quandary about how to master this crisp and cool colour, a safe bet would be to pair white with a contrasting palette or pattern — pastels, neutrals, brights, metallics, florals, animal prints… You name it, white probably looks good with it. And if you plan on going the white on white route, but don’t wish to resemble a bride, keep things interesting by combining different silhouettes, textures and shades, then top it all off with a statement accessory.


First seen in the August 2020 issue of L'Officiel Singapore

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