Up Close With Kiwi Lee-han

Sporting the bangs that made her a modelling tour de force, social media sensation Kiwi Lee Han talks her favourite fruit, the benefits of keeping her makeup on overnight, and striking power poses as her choice mode of exercise
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What’s kept you modelling for close to a decade?

If I had to choose something as my favourite, I’d probably go with the photoshoots that I’ve done. I love doing shoots because I just love to strike poses (laughs).


It was your bangs and your Instagram profile that really made your modelling career take off in 2013. What’s your approach when it comes to connecting on Instagram?

I think of the actual page as my work profile, where I post pictures relating to shoots I’ve done, or events I’ve attended. For more personal moments, I upload them as Instagram stories. So I like to kind of “separate” myself on Instagram like that. But maybe I’ll start changing things up because I want to start doing things on social media a little differently.

How would you describe your sense of style?

I like to wear men’s clothes. People might consider that a “sexy” move, but it’s about me showing a little personality, and giving fashion my own spin and feel. I’m not a fan of decking myself out in a full runway look in real life.


Your fashion essentials are...

A Celine tuxedo jacket! I just love their tailored outerwear. I’ve been wearing suits a lot recently, and have been trying to make a statement about how women can look really good and different in tailoring. Also, anything from Maison Margiela!


Any beauty secrets?

I’m not sure if I should say this, but sometimes, I leave my makeup on. I find that it makes my skin glow and look really good (laughs). I don’t do it too often, obviously. Maybe once in two weeks! More seriously, moisturiser is really important for me. I slap some on before heading out, all the time. I also try to jog twice a week, if I can spare the time. But sometimes, striking all those poses during a photoshoot already feels like a big workout!

Kiwi Lee-han for L'Officiel Singapore

Your city of choice is...

If I had to choose just one: London, just because of the environment and vibe there. I also really get the “feels” when I dress up there. Of course, Singapore is a close second. It’s my second time here, but this is my first for work. I had these delicious Nyonya-style cakes at W Singapore, which makes me want to get more later!


What’s your favourite fruit then? It isn’t kiwi, is it?

No, it isn’t (laughs). I like peaches!


Your big wish for 2018 is...

For work in Paris and London to go really well! I want to have an exciting series of shoots there, so people outside of Taiwan will hopefully get to see and know Kiwi!

Photography Joel Low Styling Evon Chng Hair Junz Loke/Heirloom Makeup Melissa Yeo/Fac3inc using Chanel Photography assistant Alfie Pan Styling assistant Amanda Mikayla Lim and Farah Khaleeda Model Kiwi Lee-han

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