How Stella McCartney is Making Sneakers Differently

Here's why the British brand's new Loop sock sneakers are so much more than a stylish pair of kicks.
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If there were a face for sustainability in fashion, it would belong to none other than Stella McCartney. Since the inception of her eponymous label, the British designer has shown an unwavering commitment to tackling enviromental issues even while the rest of the industry turned a blind eye on them. Today, her brand is known for its ethical business practices, eco-friendly manufacturing processes and an arsenal of sustainable fabrics (including its own faux fur, which Stella championed way before it was cool).

Put simply, Stella McCartney does things differently — even when it comes to designing shoes. Case in point: the Loop sneakers, the brand's latest footwear offering that was first unveiled at its Autumn/Winter 2018 show.



The first thing you'd probably notice about the Loop sneakers is its clean and modern look. The women's version of the shoes feature a distinctive alter nappa, lace and knit upper that comes in white, black, navy or red, all classic hues that make the shoes perfect for everyday use.

The shoe's construction, though, is far from ordinary: it features technically-designed hooks, special stitching and its upper is attached to its sole with absolutely no glue at all. The latter is a pretty groundbreaking achievement, even for Stella McCartney, which had long traded conventional glues made of toxic solvents that cause air, water and soil pollution for animal-friendly, water-based alternatives.

Being glue-free also means that the Loop can be fully dismantled for each of its parts to be recycled. Essentially, the Loop, as the shoe's name suggests, can live on forever. 

Sticking to its M.O., Stella McCartney has once again proven that sustainability and style can go hand in hand. As to whether the British label's latest innovation has just spelled out the future of the pervasive sneaker, that's a no-brainer. Just take one look at the "Fur Free Fur" coats from Stella McCartney's Fall/Winter 2015 show, and another at the Fall/Winter shows of this year.


The Stella McCartney Loop sneakers will be available in stores in September 2018.



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