Have a Very Merry Christmas with Gucci's Gift Ideas

Enjoy the gift of Gucci this holiday season

What's Christmas without a little glitz, glamour, and Gucci

For the holiday season, Gucci has unveiled its Gift Giving campaign – a catalogue of the brand's most gift-worthy pieces ranging from handbags to jewellery, shoes, T-shirts, homewares and childrenswear. At the heart of the campaign is Gucci's new art book created in collaboration with Spanish artist Ignasi Monreal. With a narrative referencing the story of the fall of Icarus, the digitally-created illustrations in the book incorporate products from the Gift Giving catalogue in a distinctly Renaissance style: belt-bags enclosing a classical statue; small leather goods forming a contemporary still life; two kittens in sunglasses popping out of a Gucci mug covered in the green Herbarium print.

"Icarus fascinates me because of his story, which could be read a bit like a mantra,’ says Monreal. "Icarus himself is a very romantic character and of course symbolic of everything young and pretty."

G10339 - GIFT GIVING BOOK-24.jpg
G10339 - GIFT GIVING BOOK-23.jpg
G10339 - GIFT GIVING BOOK-21.jpg
G10339 - GIFT GIVING BOOK-38.jpg
G10339 - GIFT GIVING BOOK-36.jpg
G10339 - GIFT GIVING BOOK-16.jpg
G10339 - GIFT GIVING BOOK-37.jpg
G10339 - GIFT GIVING BOOK-15.jpg
G10339 - GIFT GIVING BOOK-6.jpg
G10339 - GIFT GIVING BOOK-70.jpg

This is not the first time Monreal has collaborated with Gucci. In 2015, he first worked on the #guccigram project and subsequently had his artworks featured on T-shirts in the brand’s Cruise 2018 collection. In September, Monreal was also invited to decorate the Gucci Artwalls in Milan and New York for the launch of the new Bloom fragrance.

In addition, Gucci's Gift Giving campaign will be supplemented with special interactive content on the Gucci app, such as filters to customise photographs, digital greeting cards, and a software animating Gucci shop windows, which will allow customers to scan a sticker that will be applied on the glass display.

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Gucci Ignasi Monreal Print T-shirt - LOfficiel Singapore.png
Ignasi Monreal t-shirt
Gucci Ignasi Monreal Kitten Print T-shirt - LOfficiel Singapore.png
Ignasi Monreal t-shirt
Gucci Ignasi Monreal Print T-shirt black - LOfficiel Singapore.png
Ignasi Monreal t-shirt
Gucci Striped Wool Sweater with Bee - LOfficiel Singapore.png
Striped wool sweater with bee
Gucci Bee Star Leather Tote - LOfficiel Singapore.png
Bee Star leather tote
Gucci Bee Star Leather Wallet - LOfficiel Singapore.png
Bee Star leather wallet
Gucci Suede Mid-heel Pump with Crystals - LOfficiel Singapore.png
Suede mid-heel pump with crystals
Gucci Princetown Velvet Slipper with Crystals - LOfficiel Singapore.png
Princetown velvet slipper with crystals
Gucci Ace Sneaker with Crystals - LOfficiel Singapore.png
Ace sneaker with crystals
Gucci Web Slide with Crystals - LOfficiel Singapore.png
Web slide with crystals
Gucci Oversize Square-frame Acetate Sunglasses - LOfficiel Singapore.png
Oversize square-frame acetate sunglasses
Gucci Striped Belt with Double G and Crystals - LOfficiel Singapore.png
Striped belt with double Gs and crystals
Gucci Striped Belt with Butterfly - LOfficiel Singapore.png
Striped belt with butterfly
Gucci Metal Butterfly with Crystals Keychain - LOfficiel Singapore.png
Metal butterfly with crystals keychain

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