Fendi HQ Transforms With a Giant Rooftop Mural

Meet the artist behind the transformation of Fendi's historic headquarters in Milan
“It’s all about deconstruction and shining some light on the real meaning of words and letters.”

For its latest collaboration, Fendi enlisted the help of Russian artist and calligrapher for one ground-breaking project: to transform the renowned Palazzo Della Civiltà Italiana in Milan. Armed with an idea and 550 litres of bright yellow paint, Pokras Lampas did exactly just that and the result is nothing less than astounding: a bold maze of swirling yellow letters and symbols spanning 1270 square meters – Italy's largest 'calligraffiti' artwork ever. 

The collaboration with Lampas is the latest project presented by F is For..., Fendi’s millennial-targeted digital platform. Launched earlier this year, it aims to provide an online space for culture-conscious young people and shine the spotlight on the movers and shakers of the generation.

F is For Fendi: Pokras Lampas transforms Fendi's HQ



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