Find Out More About The Second Largest Rough Diamond Ever Discovered

Louis Vuitton drew the world's attention when they exhibited this very rare piece in Paris. Here are the details!
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Dazzling! If diamonds are women's best friends, what about a diamond the size of a tennis ball? Louis Vuitton has opened a new chapter in its history and innovating their jewelery sector with their acquisition of Sewelô, the second largest rough diamond ever discovered in the world. The diamond contains 1758 carats and a size that resembles that of a ball of tennis -- to get a better sense of just how big it is, a diamond ring has an average of 5 carats! The stone was unearthed in April 2019 at the Karowe mine in Botswana.


It's name translates to “rare find” in the native language of Setswana, and there is little wonder why! The diamond contains intriguing characteristics  by way of its shape, color, formation and composition. The raw crystal is largely covered by a thin layer of black carbon and the full extent of the variations in color and clarity of its yield is still unknown.

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To work with this incredible find, Louis Vuitton is launching a powerful partnership with the HB Company of Antwerp, specializing in diamond cuts. The stone will be studied in detail, the first step in understanding Sewelô and will trace its various permutations in size, color and shape.


The stone will be transformed into custom-made Louis Vuitton cut diamonds, each of them forming one of the most emblematic symbols of the maison: the monogram flower.

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