Dior's Youthful Men's Beachwear 2019 Capsule Collection Incorporates Contemporary Art

The House collaborates with artist Hajime Sorayama for a lively collection- featuring tropical and aquatic prints along with Sorayama's iconic organic-robotic figures.
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Dior collaborates with Japanese contemporary artist Hajime Sorayama for its Men's Beachwear 2019 capsule collection! This collaboration continues Jones' record of collaborations from his previous collections and is fitting to Christian Dior's history as a gallerist and well-known love for experimental art.  

The prints sported in this exciting collection gives off tropical and aquatic vibes at first glance. Sorayama's fans would be able to spot his illustrations immediately, given his distinctive and famous illustrations of organic-robotic women and animals, along with his reinterpretation of the Dior logo. 

There are 2 types of prints in this collection - one featuring flora and fauna, and another of the sea and water. Titled 'Hawaiian Robots' and 'Seascape', Sorayama's iconic art stands out amidst the vivid foliage and ocean prints with its characteristically glossy and silver finish of the robotic metal. 

This not only reflects and pays homage to Sorayama's unique and famed drawing style, but also to Jones' love for wildlife and travelling. 

This lively, youthful collection comprises of pieces perfect for a trip to the beach, with aloha shirts, swim shorts and comfortably lightweight jackets made of rayon and nylon. Besides items of clothing, the collection also brings us leathergoods, with 3 different bags - the cabal bag, belt-bag and Dior 'Roller'. On top of this, the collection features 2 types of pochettes, and fans of the Dior Oblique Sneakers will also be excited to see its latest version in the collection! Essential beach accessories - beach towels and silk scarves, are also found in the collection. 

Check out the collection below: 




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