A Definitive Guide To The Best Jeans And Shoes Combinations

Pairing jeans and shoes needn't be an unnavigable minefield -- we show you how.
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Ready to head out yet? Just a month ago, we thought it unimaginable to wear jeans again, but as we start to step out of our houses again, it's certainly become a viable, and stylish option. 

Why? They're a versatile item to add to any wardrobe and style, and have remained fashionable throughout the decades. And they are trending once more, be it from more casual, stripped down versions - like boyfriend jeans - or even more fashionable and perfect options for a day at work - like flare pants. But the question remains... Which shoe should we wear to pair with our jeans? We've got a handy guide for you:


Boyfriend Jeans + Stilettos

Boyfriend jeans are great for casual, comfortable style, but comes a little tricky when you're thinking of ways to make it flattering. Pairing it with stilettos or pumps gives it a touch of femininity and elegance to your look, and is also one that is versatile enough for most occasions. Be sure to add a cuff to them at the ends, and you're good to go! 

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Ankle Jeans + Strappy Heels

Living in warmer climates like Singapore, we can attest to the fact that sometimes, jeans can get a lil' bit stuffy. Which is why ankle jeans are a great option in keeping things light and breezy. To make the look more structured and classy, pair them with strappy sandals for a fresh and put together look.


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Flared Jeans + Sneakers

The flare pants are a nod to stylish 70s style, and to make things cooler, keeping with the retro theme, pair them with some cute sneakers.

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Baggy Jeans + Pointed Boots

Loose jeans come baggy and full of movement, while pointy boots add a touch of refinement and an instant cool factor to your look. Plus, need we mention how comfy both options sound together?

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Straightcut Jeans + Square Sandals

Square sandals are the shoe shape of the moment, and they perfect paired with straight cut jeans , which are perfect for casual events like brunch or happy hour. Plus, it's pretty flattering - both straight cut jeans and square sandals, thanks to their elongated shape, help to make your legs  look longer, too.

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Mom Jeans + Moccasins

This one is a little more stripped down. Moccasins come great paired with mom jeans for a simple, laidback look.

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Slit jeans + Strappy sandal

Side split jeans are already show stoppers in their own right, and a strappy sandal adds an extra pop to keep the interest going.

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White jeans + Black Pumps

Pairing contrasting colours make your look so much more interesting, and black and white is a combination that can do no wrong.

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