Kamala Harris' Stepdaughter Ella Emhoff is Bringing Back An Unusual Trend

Bella Hadid has similarly been spotted in this cottagecore item.
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It may seem strange, but crochet hats, which were hugely popularised in the 60s with the hippies movement, are now back in trend. The accessory is perfect for cold days of autumn and winter, and give your look a homely, rustic touch. A celebrity fan of this trend? Kamala Harris' stepdaughterElla Emhoff, who has already been seen dressed in the coveted object on her Instagram page.

It first started with Harry Style's crochet sweater. Now, this rustic, crochet trend has moed on to other items. Closely tying in with the cottagecore trend, it is no surprise that this hat is on the rise: manual, rustic and colourful touches are part of the aesthetics that we crave for in a post-COVID world.

With such a bold look, it is no wonder other fashion influencers and models like Bella Hadid have started sporting them, worn from sunny days on the beach to the cold of the mountains. The only constant is that they are very colourful, full of flowers and playful designs, bordering on Kitsch.

Check out some of the best crochet hat style moments to get inspired from below:

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