Come Rain Or Shine: How To Stay Chic On A Rainy Day

Waterproof your style with these rainy day outfit ideas
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If you live in a tropical country, rain is an inevitability. While we may not have to worry about transitioning our wardrobe from summer to winter and back again, the issue of what to wear when it rains is a conundrum just as tough, if not tougher. With the end of year monsoon season fast approaching, we've compiled a list of 5 outfit ideas to avoid the dreaded drowned rat syndrome, so you'll always look chic regardless of the weather forecast. 

1. Go plastic fantastic - the PVC look is equally fun and fabulous.


2. Add a dash of colour. There's nothing better to brighten up a gloomy day (literally) than a splash of colour, so set aside your usual minimalist palette and taste the rainbow.




3. Think of your umbrella as an accessory rather than a tool. If you prefer a classic look, then a transparent model will do the job, but a rainbow version is sure to turn heads.



4. Pastels are your friend. Think blush pink, mint green, ice blue, and beyond. 

5. When in doubt, wear boots. 


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