Coach Introduces The Coach Family For Its Fall 2020 Campaign

Fronted by J.Lo, Michael B. Jordan, Kiko Mizuhara and Jeremy Lin, together with their loved ones
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Coach unveils its Fall/Winter 2020 global campaign, with Jennifer LopezMichael B. Jordan, model Kiko Mizuhara, basketball champion Jeremy Lin, and actress Yang Zi as the faces for the season, starring alongside their own families. 

The challenges of 2020 have taught us many lessons, and one of the most significant is the importance and value of love and loved ones, whether it's the family we are born into or the family we choose for ourselves. And that's why, with its new campaign, Coach has decided to celebrate the relationships that endure and the strength that lies in togetherness. 

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“Coach has given me an opportunity to reflect on three generations of love and appreciate the blessings that I have. In a year like this year, where there is so much chaos, so much change and uncertainty just happening all around us, family is all about having a constant source of love and light for each other. I have never felt so close to my family or so dependent and needing them as I have during this time in my life.”

— Jennifer Lopez.

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“Togetherness and family are really important right now. For me, my family and friends are my support system. They’re what keep me going and keep me motivated to work hard, lead by example and be the best version of myself. I was thrilled to work with Coach on this campaign focused on family and relationships — because they are the things that really matter.”

 Michael B. Jordan.

Themed “Coach Family”, the muses of Coach and their loved ones bring the definition of the modern family to life.

Jennifer Lopez is joined by her mother Guadalupe Lopez and children Emme and Max Muñiz on a picnic under the golden sunshine of California, and Michael B. Jordan has his squad on set to exemplify the unbreakable bond that underlies one's chosen family. Meanwhile, Kiko Mizuhara and her younger sister Yuka share a lovely moment with their cats Chiccho and Bambi.

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Jennifer Lopez


Michael B. Jordan


Kiko Mizuhara


Jeremy Lin


Yang Zi


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