The Double C de Cartier: A Sophisticated Take on Logomania

Cartier’s latest collection of accessories puts the spotlight on its interlocking C logo.
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Photography: Gan Kah Ying

The Double C de Cartier handbag is one that's sure to capture all eyes  — especially with its refreshed logo. 

The structured all leather shoulder bag — with its clean and simple lines — is made of luxuriously smooth calfskin, granting it a look that is both aesthetic and functional.

Its most distinctive feature is its jewelled clasps with Cartier’s initials in the form of a double C, now freed from the interior oval previously seen on the Maison’s bags. The two stylized letters are inscribed as a tribute to the famous Parisian surname inspired by the brand's bronze wax seal. The Double C de Cartier handbag is a truly urban and elegant piece that is bound to be a timeless classic in any wardrobe.

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The Double C handbag is always elegant and will add shape to any style. The streamlined bag was designed to be worn in two ways either over the shoulder or across the body thanks to its adjustable smooth leather  strap and consists of two versions, Mini and Nano, in four colours: Deep Black, Intense Red, Powered Pink  and Fuchsia Pink. 


“We sought to modernise the logo by freeing it from the interior oval, where it had previously appeared on the Maison’s bags. We handled it like a piece of jewellery, with particular attention being paid to its unexpected opening. For the first time, its presence is both aesthetic and functional, not to mention the pretty click sound it makes when closed, further enhancing its jewel clasp."

- Marin Yuson, Director of leather and leather accessory creation

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The Double C De Cartier has been adored by influencers around the world and in local scene. Clockwise: @belenhostalet, @bryanboy, @mthayel and @leenalghouti



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