Powering Through 2021: Hannah Quinlivan in L'Officiel Singapore's June/July Issue

Actress, style icon and aspiring DJ, Hannah Quinlivan doesn’t associate the word “juggle” with being a mother, wife and career woman – she says one can play all three characters while enjoying being herself
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Left: Hannah Quinlivan wears tweed jacket, stretch jersey top and J12 Watch Calibre 12.1 in ceramic and steel with diamonds, Chanel. Right: Hannah wears Pied de Coq cashmere coat, calfskin belt with glass and resin pearls, and tweed bag with chains, Chanel.

Earlier this year, Nezha (The Race) was released. How was filming a movie that your husband, Jay Chou produced?

Well, he didn’t really come to set, so we didn’t physically work together on set – it wasn’t too hard because he was more behind the scenes. It was more through the director, and it was a very happy experience filming. The character was really cool – fearless and with her own dreams that she held on to very tightly and didn’t want to give up on. It was a really good experience.


What will you be busy with in the next half of the year?

Doing a number of self-tape castings for different movies. Looking forward to the next half of the year. Most of the time, I’m spending time with my family.


Who are some of your role models?

Coco Chanel for creating Chanel and her business – and for her creative mind and her lifestyle. It’s kind of hard to describe why – she’s my role model in many ways. And Meryl Streep. Whatever she acts in, she puts herself into it. You feel that she’s the person in the movie. I hope one day I can do that as well. It’s very enjoyable seeing her do different characters, and if she’s in a film, I’d be very confident that it’s going to be a very good movie.

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Hannah Quinlivan in Chanel 2021 Métiers d’Art

What’s your mantra when it comes to juggling being a mother, wife and career woman?

Well, I don’t think we have to really juggle – what I mean is: you can be yourself at the same time. You’re being these three characters in your life, and you cannot really pull them apart – you are you, and you are different. They are all part of you and they will never be in an equal line – you just have to try your best when you are playing a character, and do what you can. Put yourself at a comfortable place where you won’t be too stressed, and at the same time, enjoy being you.


What are your secrets to staying happy in a time where we can’t travel?

It’s actually a chance for my family and I to look really around Taiwan. We went to Huandao, we went to Hualien, Kaohsiung and Taichung – all these places that I didn’t really have a chance to look at when you could fly around the world. It was a good chance to look at the place where you live. I find that staying with my family – no matter what you do, you feel happy about it. Though of course I hope the world goes back to normal soon.


Is there something that you’d like to try next in your career?

I really want to learn DJ-ing. It’s something I’d like to try.


Finally, what are your hopes and dreams for the year and beyond?

To stay happy and stay positive. Wow, “dreams” is a big word. I do want to travel to Australia to see my family because my nanny and grandpa are getting really old. So I hope to bring the kids back and spend time with them.

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Hannah Quinlivan in Chanel 2021 Métiers d’Art

Editor-in-Chief Ian Lee

Photography Chiang Ming Shi

Creative Direction Yvonne Jade

Production Patryk Chaou

Styling Benny Fu

Hair Una

Makeup Jenny Lin

Production assistant Sammy Fan

Styling assistant Rose Yang


All outfits, bags, leather accessories and shoes from Chanel 2021 Métiers d’Art

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