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Diamonds Might be Forever, But for Chanel, Luck is Eternal

Chanel commemorates 100 years of its most famous fragrance N°5 with a jewellery collection.
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A hundred years ago, Gabrielle Coco Chanel created the inimitable N°5 perfume — after revealing five was her lucky number. Since then, the perfume has become a household name, and is an icon in the world of fashion and pop culture.

A hundred years later, that same graphic "5" gets a little more sparkly with the help of Chanel's Fine Jewellery Creation Studio. Using the actual number as their starting point, they've traced its outline with white gold and frozen the sparkling elixir in time with diamonds.

The original perfume was created by both Mademoiselle Chanel and perfumer Ernest Beaux. They sought to create a new scent that would appeal to the flapper spirit, and celebrate the liberated feminine energy of the 1920s. Made from over 80 ingredients, the formula broke the mould of its time where perfumers traditionally used scents from a single flower.

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“I wanted to rediscover that creative gesture with this collection, which has been conceived like a journey through the meanderings of the No. 5 perfume's soul, from the architecture of the bottle to the olfactive explosion of the fragrance.” 

Mr Patrice Leguereau, director of Chanel Fine Jewellery Creation Studio

The N°5 collection is intended to bring luck to the wearer through the essence of eternity in diamonds and a lucky number and is available at Chanel boutiques.



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