Bvlgari's New Curiosity Shop Opens in Rome

by Farah Khaleeda
A pioneering shop from the heart of Rome shares quintessentially Italian vivacity and the art of living with the world

Welcome to Bvlgari’s wonderful universe.

Bvlgari celebrates the art of wonder with the New Curiosity Shop, its latest concept store, which officially opened on 7 December last year next to the historic store at No.10 Via Condotti. Known as the futuristic version of the Old Curiosity Shop from 1905, the new space is an expression of the curiosity for extraordinary objects and the hunt for wonders that have always fed the maison’s imagination.

old shop.jpg

The Curiosity Shop got its name from the famous novel by Charles Dickens to attract the rich English-speakers passing through Rome back in the days. Bvlgari’s style proves that opposites lead to perfection by combining unusual materials, contrasting colours and the meeting of past and present.

door 3.jpg
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Every detail is designed for interaction with visitors. Bvlgari offers an experience that allows oneself to be guided by one’s imagination. The innovative concept of the shop is inspired by the universe of the cabinet of curiosities. Like an art exhibition, the New Curiosity shop will periodically change its appearances with new themes. The first would be the world of Mirabilia.

The limited edition selection of Mirabilia jewellery, the mini collection of CONDOTTI10 jewellery, Serpenti Twist Your Time collection, and the urban-chic version of the new Serpenti SS18 collection will only be exclusively available in this modern boutique.

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