Watch: Bella Hadid in ‘The Call Time’ by Dior

Bella Hadid is late but makes her call time with a little help from the quick and easy Backstage Pro products from Dior. 
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The Call Time

Bella Hadid, it seems, really gets us.

"I'm literally five minutes away!" she exclaims in the latest instalment from Dior Beauty's Makeup Series with Bella Hadid. Scene? Bella's lounging at home when she gets a call for a call time that's a little too close for comfort. Basically, she's running late.

As anyone can attest, such situations call for a streamlined and quick makeup. The routine that she's "got down to a science" thusly involves:

1. A lip scrub. The version from Dior comes with sugar crystals that dissolve and melt when lips are rubbed together. Combine that exfoliation with hydration and you get smooth lips ready to go bare or for a swipe of lipstick.

2. A little bit of foundation. Bella seems to be using the Diorskin Forever fluid version, but if you're really lying and saying you're five minutes away while still putting makeup on, we think you'll be better off with the pat-and-go cushion.

3. A little luminiser. In lieu of wearing blush (beware the results of a rushed and less-than-careful blend), why not go with a highlight? The key here is to use a subtle shine that's more glow and less floodlight.

4. A sheer lipstick. The latest berry shade of Dior's Lip Glow is sheer, hydrating and almost universally flattering. Upside of a sheer lipstick: it's more forgiving so you don't even need to check in a mirror. It's swipe, rub and go.

"I'm seriously five minutes away!" she says once more when she's got all four steps done. Same, girl. Same.


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