Valentine's Gifting Made Easy

Shiseido's made Valentine's Gifting easy this year by deconstructing a photo-ready beauty coffret.
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Ease and convenience are, contrary to popular belief, not values at the expense of thoughtfulness and sincerity. For Valentine's Day this year, Shiseido has come up with a fuss-free way of gifting that's as pretty inside and out. 

From now to 14th February, the Japanese brand has come up with a Do-It-Yourself style coffret box that takes all the headache out of wrapping and presentation. The kits are deconstructed and you'll find a flattened gift box, card, paper fillers, a bouquet of dried flowers (they last longer) and the requisite manual to put it all together. 

To qualify for this coffret, spend a minimum of $140 on Shiseido products or select from one of the brand's featured Valentine's options. From that list, here are our picks – one for him and one for her.

You're welcome!

Shiseido Men Cleansing Foam ($37)

Cleansing foams are brilliant gift options because everyone needs to keep their face clean. How much work you put in the hydration and maintenance departments are individual, but the cleanser is the great denominational step in skincare regimens. 

Shiseido's Cleansing Foam for men is a great option for oily skin types as most guys' are, and does a great job of wicking away the day's build up of grime, dirt and sebum. 

Bonus: the cleanser also doubles as a shaving foam. It lathers up to a rich and creamy foam that works just as well to achieve a smoother shave. 

Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate ($105)

This concentrate comes from Shiseido's Ultimune line of skin immunity-focused products. It works best when used after toning and before a serum, allowing it to deliver its potent dose of purifying and strengthening botanical extracts.

Of course, we mustn't forget the brand's Ultimune Complex. It's formulated to strengthen and protect skin from daily damage and reduce signs of ageing using antioxidants and anti-bacterial ingredients. 

To qualify for this coffret, spend a minimum of $140 on Shiseido products or select from one of the brand's 7 featured Valentine's picks.

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