Pretty In Pink: Step Up Your Beauty Ritual With The Rose Hermès Collection

The collection, which comes out tomorrow, features the French house's first blush and lip tints.
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Just a year ago, Hermès launched their first makeup collection, a lipstick called Rouge Hermès, setting the beauty industry abuzz with the first beauty product to come out in the French maison's rich 180-year-plus history. And a year after, the range expands to include a range of blushes in various shades of pink, a trio of rosy lip enhancers, and a face and travel brush to accompany the new blush. 

Of course, with a ultra-luxurious brand such as Hermès, the Rose Hermès launch is far from ordinary and comes equally, if not more covetable as the first. For Hermès Beauty’s creative director Jérôme Touron, a collection that enhances your natural, rosy flush comes as a logical, natural next step after the bold hues from the previous collection. "It is a palette of shades that sketches contours without fixing them, animating the face and giving it movement," says Touron.

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From Left: Rose Hermès - Silky Blush - Rose Abricot, Pommete blush case

The silky smooth blushes - which comes in eight universally flattering shades - come packaged in a sophisticated disc compact designed by French fashion designer, Pierre Hardy, who similarly worked on the label's lipstick packaging. And similar to the lipstick casings, this blush compact is refillable. The range also includes a Pomette blush case, which comes with an adjustable strap designed to be worn on the shoulder fits the silk blushes and travel blush brush perfectly - ideal for when regular touch ups just wouldn't cut it. 

And peek a little closer to the pan, you'll notice that its surface reproduces the twill weave of Hermès scarves, the same weave that gives the silk their freshness and light. The formula itself is made from mineral powder and a boost of Vitamin E for its antioxidant properties. What you get is a buildable, velvety finish that can range from natural to sophisticated.

You'll also get whiffs of arnica, sandalwood, with hints of green tea. This subtle frgrance was created by Christine Nagel, Director of Hermès Parfums, similar to Rouge Hermès.

1618379439080709 rose herm s blush brush studio des fleurs1618379439099798 rose herm s pinceau fard joues nomade 601580v0 studio des fleurs

With no detail left unturned, the face brush and travel brush that accompanies the new blusher comes with a lacquered wooden handle and design similar to the block colour style of the lipsticks, and goat bristle fibres hand-assembled by a French brush-maker, inviting for a gentler application on your skin.

1618379969482046 rose herm s rose l vres tutoriel recharges studio des fleurs

The Rose Hermès collection also includes three sheer, translucent rosy pink shades called the Rosy Lip Enhancer, designed to leave a weightless, matte finish over lips. The leathery textured waxy finish comes inspired by the feel of Butler calfskin, developed by Hermès in 2012.

The Rose Hermès collection is available from 15 april at Hermès liat towers, Hermès marina bay sands, Hermès takashimaya, takashimaya department store, and Prices start from $63 for a rosy lip enhancer refill.

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