L'Officiel Nose: Alessandro Gualtieri of Nasomatto

The avant-garde nose lets us into the world of his masculine scent Duro—but don't ask him about the ingredients inside.
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Alessandro Gualtieri is one of the most avant-garde noses out there. Having grown up in Italy, he learned perfumery through a combination of formal studies in Germany and outside lessons from an Italian ex-pat he met at a bar. He built acclaim by working with Fendi, Versace, Helmut Lang, and Diesel before heading to Amsterdam to found his own line, Nasomatto. Gualtieri has carved a different path with his brand, refusing to publish ingredient lists and instead describing the inspiration behind each scent. This allows the line to first communicate each scent’s creative essence and leave the actual notes for the wearer to contemplate over time.

Duro is Nasomatto’s interpretation on masculinity and aims to enhance all the manifestations of strength. The essences of male sexual power and durability promise to hypnotize, but just as captivating is the packaging, with a strong box of wenge tree wood capping off the small glass bottle. From the fictional city Duro embodies to a complex alternate name, Gualtieri lets the world in on his ultra-creative olfactory vision.

If Duro was the star of its own movie, which actor would play the starring role? 



What color(s) does your fragrance Duro smell like? 

Dark Brown.


Which city/place in the world does your fragrance encapsulate best?



If you had to place Duro in an iconic decade past, which one would it be? 

The '20s and the '70s.


What item from your wardrobe would you compare your scent to?

When naked.


What genre of music do you think your fragrance most aligns with and why? 

Icky Thump.


If Duro had a night out on the town, what drink would it order at the bar? 



If you were to relate your new scent to a book, what would it be? Why?

The Abyssissimo.


If your new fragrance had a soundtrack, what three sounds would play once you spray the scent? 

Mi Do Mi.


If it wasn’t called Duro, what would it be called? 


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