Natalie Portman on Being Miss Dior

Natalie Portman, the face synonymous with Dior fragrances today, gives her take on female empowerment and love.
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She’s been Christian Dior Parfums’ leading lady since 2010 when she became the face of Miss Cherie, taking on the personas of the house’s different perfumes since. Showing quite a different side – sassier, fiercer – Natalie Portman has also fronted Rouge Dior lipstick campaigns for four years.

The maison celebrates its 70th anniversary since Christian Dior launched his first fashion collection. That debut show in 1947 also introduced the world to the iconic Miss Dior, a fruity chypre that was as revolutionary as the New Look silhouettes. The eau de toilette, named then for Monsieur Dior’s sister Catherine, is rebirthed this year as an eau de parfum with greener notes.

We get the lowdown from Portman, the modern day’s quintessential Miss Dior herself.

Miss Dior has always been known as the fragrance of love. How does the new juice of eau de parfum continue this romantic story?

I think this one really presents a more rebellious side of love. It shows all the different aspects of love- the passion and the tenderness and the joy and the ferocity.


Describe the new Miss Dior in three words.

Sensual. Passionate. Rebellious.


What kind of woman is the new Miss Dior eau de parfum made for?

A woman who is fearless, strong and confident while also being very feminine and soft.

What is your ritual when it comes to wearing perfume?

I like to spritz it in the air and walk through it, so the scent settles subtly.


Which Dior value resonate the most with you?



Feminism is having a very crucial moment right now. What do you support most?

The most important thing for woman right now is to fight for girls’ education. That is the key to all issues affecting girls and women.



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