Childhood, Meet Clinique and Crayola

Clinique and Crayola team up to release a limited edition collection of six chubby sticks colour-matched and named for their crayon equivalents.

Clinique, Crayola and Childhood – have you guys met? It’s about time, because this month sees the release of the skincare and crayon brand’s collaboration of chubby sticks. The two brands joined up, drawing on the shared likeness of their products and the mutual celebration of colour.

The chubbies also come in a limited edition box of four minis packed like a crayon case ($40) and are available exclusively at Sephora’s Ion Orchard store and online store.

The six shades in the Crayola for Clinique Chubby Stick for Lips ($28 each) lineup were developed by colour-matching to some of the crayon brand’s most popular and remembered names.

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