6 Yellow Nail Polishes For An Instant Mood Boost

Evoking cheerfulness, confidence, and clarity, these sunnily-hued lacquers might be just the pick-me-up you need right now
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Yellow can be a divisive colour when it comes to nail polish (suffice it to say that yellow doesn’t have the healthiest connotations as regards your fingertips), but you might just be missing out on a little perk-me-up by passing over this honeyed hue.

Hear us out. Research has demonstrated that colour wields a powerful influence over your state of mind, behaviour, stress levels, and even heart rate and metabolism. Warm colours such as red and orange summon optimism, vitality, excitement, and aggression, while cool colours such as blue and purple bring forth feelings of calmness, stability, and sadness. Yellow, as a high-energy colour, tends to evoke cheerfulness, confidence, clarity, and concentration, making it the ideal shade to look to if your spirits needs some lifting.

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All that to say, adding a small pop of yellow to your everyday, like with your nail polish, can go a long way as a mood booster. And goodness knows we could all use more of that nowadays.

To that end, we’ve rounded up six vibrant polishes you can try out at home, from soft lemon to bold marigold.

Zoya Pippa

A favourite with professional manicurists and fashion editors alike, Zoya offers some 400 different shades of non-toxic nail lacquer, each of which is based on a 10-free formula. This canary yellow creme (à la Saoirse Ronan at the Critics’ Choice Awards earlier this year) is pretty much sunshine in a bottle.

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Smith & Cult Colour Me Curious

Easy on the eyes and on the planet, this high-gloss marigold nail polish from Smith & Cut is cruelty-free, vegan, and free of eight frowned-upon ingredients.

Get it here.

Deco Miami 100% That B

If the name of Deco Miami’s nail polish isn’t enough to make you smile, then its bright and bubbly hue no doubt will. Boasting a 9-free formula, it arrives in a display-worthy, art-deco inspired bottle, and in two sizes to prevent wastage.

Get it here. 

Triple O Polish Ngayene

Dedicated to diversity and inclusivity, Triple O Polish provides imagery of and nail lacquers for underrepresented skin tones. All of its products, including this handmade deep yellow polish, are named after African Orishas, historic African kings and queens, and African empires that changed the world, as a way of educating the public.

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OPI Meet A Boy As Cute As Can Be

This pleasingly pastel, buttercup yellow nail lacquer from OPI promises to last over a week without chipping, with a gel-like shine to boot.

Find where you can buy it here. 

Sally Hansen Sun-tastic

Part of Sally Hansen’s new vegan, 16-free collection of nail polishes (even the brush is plant-based), Sun-tastic is affordable, durable, and undeniably chic.

Find where you can buy it here

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