Fragrance Filters by Maison Margiela

Here’s a spin on fragrance layering from Maison Margiela: two new dry oils to add a curious dimension to your standard scents.
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The idea behind Maison Margiela’s two new Replica Filter additions to its fragrance line is that of layering. The avant-garde brand has taken on the metaphor of Instagram filters to explain its two scent adjusters, Blur and Glow, which respectively add a dimension of softness and brightness when worn on the skin before spritzes of perfume.

Blur Replica Filter by Maison Margiela


Blur adds a layer of soft, cloudy protection to the skin. Clean soapy aldehydes, jasmine and musk come together to create a cottony haze that sits beautifully atop mellower and soft-spoken scents. Try layering it underneath Margiela’s Lazy Sunday Morning or Tea Escape to get a gauzy alteration to already louche and intimate scents.


The Replica Filters come as part of Maison Margiela’s new wave of perfume additions that evolved out of creative director John Galliano’s vision for the house. Galliano compares the fashion structure of Margiela to that of the increasing concentrations of fragrance: cologne, toilette, parfum and extrait. The Maison’s new range of Filters can thus be seen as perennial pieces in a wardrobe – accessories that contribute a point of interest to whatever it’s worn with.

Glow Replica Filter by Maison Margiela


Glow, on the other hand, is all about introducing a sunny radiance. Notes of neroli, bergamot and grapefruit add an overall tinge of glowing magnolia – bright, effervescent and wholly warming. This adds a gorgeous layer of ozonic life to something like the brand’s By the Fireplace eau de toilette, giving the sweet chestnut scent a heady, dazzling and luminous trail.


If you’re a fan of the way the Filters smell on their own, you can also wear them on their own, without layering on another scent. The formula and texture of the dry oils mean they finish non-sticky on the skin and can be dabbed on and rubbed in for a soft, diffused aura of either soapy freshness or sun-kissed radiance.

This story first appeared in the December/January 2017 issue of L’Officiel Singapore.

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