5 Fuss-Free, No-Heat Hair Styles That Will Save Your Hair

Step away from the curling iron, hair dryer and straightening irons and try these healthier hair styles instead.
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Heat styling can be drying to your hair, causing breakages and damage. A heatless hairstyle, on the other hand, is kinder and gentler on your hair's health. 

A fabulous hair dry starts with embracing your hair's natural texture - whether straight, curly, coarse or fine, letting it dry naturally and embracing your right hair type can go a long way. Apart from that, hair health is of utmost importance - choose a shampoo and consider best suited for your hair type, and remember to towel dry your locks with care. Too much rough rubbing can result in frizzes and tangles. Instead, blot the excess moisture with your towel from root to finish.

Pro tip for air drying your hair? Get yourself a hair primer. It leaves hair with light hold and definition, without the need for heat styling. 

Ahead, check out some hairstyles you can easily achieve, no heat necessary.

French Braid

A beautiful way to style your hair, that is effortless yet put together, is to braid it into one or multiple french braids. The look gives a fresh spin to your appearance, and you can even sleep in on braids to make your hair look wavy the next day! 

Scrunched Ponytail

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What better way to upgrade your casual ponytail than adding an accessory like a ribbon or a scrunchie? There are multiple ways to style these accessories, but a simple ponytail is simply the most idiot-proof of styles and will still look put together with a cute hair accessory.

Hat or Head Scarf

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Apart from the fact that hats and hair scarves are total fashion statements, they can be a smart way to hide any unwanted volume or frizz. 

Hair clips or claws

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Want to achieve the ultimate model-off-duty hairstyle? Get yourself a hair clip. Easy, efficient and very chic, it's no wonder this look is a favourite amongst models.

Messy Bun

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Last but not least, we have the messy hair bun.  For this look, remember that the less effort you put into it, the better your hair will look.

So there you have it, these hairstyles can easily elevate your appearance, even without any heating tools. What look will you be trying out today?

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