This 90s Hair Accessory Trend Is Making A Comeback

Have you heard? Barrettes are back. Take inspiration on how to wear them here.
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Ah, the 90s. What's not to love about their fashion trends? The decade remains a strong inspiration for fashion today, bringing a fun touch to any outfit. One recent example was the scrunchie, which gained popularity amongst the fashion set for its pared down, vintage look.

Now, there's a new hair accessory winning over celebrities and influencers alike, and are taking us directly back with a back-to-school look: the barrette!


In the clip for the song " Break Your Heart ", the singer Dua Lipa revives the barette which appears in almost every scene.

1593567950615536 dua lipa tic tac
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This season, the accessory has been placed directly in the front of the hair, framing the face, doing away with those pesky fringe strands off your face, and of course, elevating one's look in a relaxed,  fun way.


From the small and classic versions, with metal or pearl ones, to the most extravagant and bold with designs full of sparkles, the styling opportunities are endless!

Get inspired by a couple of these looks now:

1593567950895764 gettyimages 1248179320
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1593567951144240 gettyimages 1251405589
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