Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are Officially on Instagram

Talk about a power move: the royal couple have launched their very own Instagram account.
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Photo: @kensingtonroyal / Instagram

Good news to fans of the British royal family: on Tuesday, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle launched their own official Instagram page, @SussexRoyal. So far, there is only one post on the profile page, which is a photoset highlighting the charitable work of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

The royal couple aso left a sweet note in the caption: "'Welcome to our official Instagram; we look forward to sharing the work that drives us, the causes we support, important announcements, and the opportunity to shine a light on key issues. We thank you for your support, and welcome you to @SussexRoyal.'- Harry & Meghan"

The account's profile photo is the official logo of Harry and Meghan, an interlaced H and M, under a crown. The graphic is printed in white on a navy blue background. At the moment, they are only following three accounts: @KensingtonRoyal, @ClarenceHous and @TheRoyalFamily.

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Photo: Reproduction / Instagram @sussexroyal

Previously, the official commitments of Harry and Meghan were documented on social media by the Kensington Palace, which also shares updates on the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and their three children. Now, @KensingtonRoyal has changed its profile photo into a portrait of the Cambridge family and removed the Sussex family from its official bio on Twitter and Instagram. That means we can expect all the official updates on Harry and Meghan to come from @SussexRoyal from now on. (An official Twitter account with the name has not yet been revealed.)

The launch of the Instagram page comes after the Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced that they are establishing their own royal house, separate from that of Prince William and Kate Middleton at Kensington Palace. The move means that the Sussex will have their own employees based in Buckingham Palace, who will report to the Queen's private secretary. Maybe launching their own Instagram was just a small step of the great transition.

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Photo: Reproduction / Instagram @sussexroyal
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Photo: @sussexroyal / Instagram
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Photo: @sussexroyal / Instagram
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Photo: @sussexroyal / Instagram
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Photo: @sussexroyal / Instagram
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Photo: @sussexroyal / Instagram

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