Inside Loewe's 'Chance Encounters IV' Art Exhibition

The Spanish label presents the fourth exhibition of its 'Chance Encounters' series at the Art Basel Miami 2018.
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Art, design and craftsmanship have been key pillars of Loewe ever since Jonathan Anderson joined the Spanish fashion house in 2013. Through its cultural arm, the Loewe Foundation, the brand has collaborated with artists and craftsmen from around the world to reinterpret and expand the values ​​of the brand.

For Art Basel Miami Beach 2018, the Loewe Foundation presents the fourth exhibition of its series, "Chance Encounters", which brings together artists of different disciplines to provoke unexpected conversations. This year, the works of Andrea Büttner, Ian Godfrey and Anne Low are presented at the Loewe Miami Design District, a unique space that houses a monumental 18th-century Portuguese granary.

The exhibition explores various works ranging from ceramics to hand-woven textiles and wood printing and seeks to reveal how the use of outdated techniques can create a great connection with the present. "For something to be contemporary, it must reflect both the past and the future," says Jonathan Anderson, Creative Director of LOEWE.

The Loewe Foundation has also commissioned a new installation by Anne Low, a Vancouver-based artist who incorporates an array of craft traditions such as hand-printing and glass and metal casting into her work. Weaving, though, is the main focus of her new installation. Comprised entirely of hand-woven silk, Low's textiles and padded sculptures explore how craft traditions continue to shape the notions of taste and value in a contemporary society.

The Chance Encounters IV exhibition by Loewe Foundation is now on display at the Loewe Miami Design District store until 1 February 2019. Get a glimpse of it below:

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