Interview: BLACKPINK on fashion, hobbies and their 2020 plans

Jalouse China (our sister title who has just made its debut in September) meets the iconic K-Pop girl group Blackpink for a chat and here's what the girls have to say.
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You have just completed the BLACKPINK 2019 World Tour (In Your Area). What is your pre-show ritual before hitting the stage?

JISOO: As tired as I was, I thought of those fans who came from all over to see us, and that I had to give the best of myself to give them the best memories. JENNIE: I thought, "Take a deep breath!" ROSÉ: It was more like: "Be careful, do not hurt yourself. But take advantage of the stage as you have always done. Fighting! LISA: And me, " Try not to make any mistakes, and make this performance as exciting for myself as it is for the fans. "


August 2019 marked the third anniversary of Blackpink. What has changed since you started? And what are the goals you want to achieve?

JISOO: On a personal level, things have changed, but from the point of view of our group, our outlook and attitude haven't changed. The only goal we have is to be able, in the future, to marvel at what we have realized, to say to ourselves: "Wow! we did it! " I hope our group will make us more and more proud. JENNIE: It seems to me that I have become more honest with myself and I learned more about how to communicate with fans. In terms of purpose, I hope we will become a more creative group that will bring good influence to others. ROSÉ: Right now, I am still learning and exploring what I have in me. LISA: The only difference is that we have more fans who love us! And the goal is a full album.

You appear in the first issue of Jalouse China (September 2019), as well as on the cover of the American and French versions. What does it mean to you?

JISOO: It's a different experience. Being in a fashion magazine is an opportunity for me to discover new perspectives. I am happy to hear that we will be featured in several countries. JENNIE: Yes, it's a great honour. I hope that our group will become the connecting point for the whole world. ROSÉ: Me too, I am very honoured. I find the pictures really wonderful, I hope they will please everyone! LISA: I want to congratulate the Jalouse China team for this first issue and thank you for working with us. It was a memorable experience.



Jalouse is originally a French magazine. If you were to return to France, are there places you would like to go? Or are there things you would like to do?

JISOO: Next time, I would like to take some time to experience the local French culture, like finding shops in small alleys. JENNIE: I would like to take a boat trip on the Seine. ROSÉ: During our last visit, because of our very tight schedule, I couldn't go up to the top floor of the Eiffel Tower, so I hope I can do it next time. LISA: I want to visit the Louvre Museum.


Can you tell us how you do you spend your night? Do you have memories of a night spent together?

JISOO: One night, when we were trainees, we practised until very late in the night, and we went out to eat kebabs together. It is very memorable for me. Otherwise, at night, I watch movies or play games. It is quieter at night is quieter and easier for me to concentrate. JENNIE: Some time ago in Hawaii, we turned on the light on our phones and had dinner while listening to music. It was very sweet. ROSÉ: I remember those nights when we were watching cartoons while eating supper. But I also like spending time alone in my room. LISA: In general, we go to bed very late and we like to eat supper while watching movies.


Do you remember your last dreams? On tour, Jisoo always carries a doll to sleep. What about others?

JISOO: This doll is a gift from a friend and I sleep very well by hugging her. Since it can get boring when I'm alone in a hotel room, I take it wherever I go. As for my night ritual, I put on a facial mask before going to bed. JENNIE: Yes, I have Nini, my teddy bear. ROSÉ: It seems like I sleep too deeply to remember my dreams. LISA: I can't remember my dreams either.


What do you think when you look in the mirror before going out?

JISOO: I think "Wow, makeup is important!" On off-schedule days, I put only sunscreen. So, sometimes I wonder if anyone can recognize me in my natural look. JENNIE: Since I do not wear makeup on off-days, I do not look at myself in the mirror. ROSÉ: I wish we will have a good day! LISA: And I wonder what bag is best to pair with what I wear.


Music aside, we talk a lot about Blackpink in terms of fashion and makeup. Do you have a favourite style right now?

JISOO: Recently I took an interest in accessories. So, I'm looking for simple designs that will go with everything I wear. JENNIE: Since I don't dress-up on my off-days, I don't have a particular style I like recently. ROSÉ: Right now, I really like the messy hairdo. And I like my smokey eyes for the shoot today. I'll have to try to redo this makeup later. LISA: Me, these days I love ring-typed earrings. That's the only thing I buy everywhere I go.


2020 is coming soon. What wishes do you hope to achieve next year?

JISOO: I hope we can stand on more varied and interesting experiences on stage together. JENNIE: Health and happiness! ROSÉ: In music, I hope I can show everything I have to my fans. LISA: I want to discover new cities on our next world tour.


Photography by Kim Hee June
Hairstyle by  Park Semi
Makeup by Lee Myung Sun


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