Check Out Google's Largest Online Expo On Frida Kahlo: Faces of Frida

Google Arts and Culture dedicates an online exhibition to Frida Kahlo, with more than 800 paintings, photos and objects free to view online
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The current COVID situation is admittedly puts a bit of a downcast on our every lives, with more establishments closing and governments advising people to stay home.  But as we do our part and hunker down, the Google Arts & Culture initiative is keeping us connected to the world around us.

Art has never been so much in the picture as it is today. Thanks to digitization and modern technology such as virtual reality, art is now more accessible to everyone than before. The Google Arts & Culture Platform is one such example and a wonderful resource, functioning as a sort of online library of art in high-resolution images, in collaboration with partner museums around the world.

Like Google Street View, you can enjoy virtual tours, but also a museum or exhibition. The Google exhibition 'Faces of Frida ' is the first initiative to make so many works by the Mexican artist available online: more than 800 paintings, photos and objects. Google Arts & Culture was able to count on the exceptional contribution of 33 international museums for this.

In 2018 you could admire an immense exhibition with clothing, archival documents and personal objects by Frida Kahlo in the Victoria & Albert Museum. But from now on, you can examine hundreds of works by the artist with just one click. Discover here the universe of Kahlo , without a flight ticket or day pass.

The descriptions on all the artworks very detailed, from the date to  material used in the paintings, sculptures or photographic works. Google arts even goes beyond her paintings, to an exploration of her personal life and her letters and writing, even an analysis of her letters on her personal life, painting a rich picture of the prolific female artist.

Have you caught the art bug in the meantime? Check out this and this, exhibitions or cultural events you can still visit from the comforts of your armchair.

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