David Beckham Declares Revenge On Wife Victoria After She Posted This Photo

Victoria Beckham shared an embarrassing photo of the couple that went viral and turned her husband into a meme
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Photo via Instagram / @victoriabeckham

David Beckham has vowed "revenge" against his wife, fashion designer and former Spice Girl Victoria, after she embarrassed him by not cutting his shoes out of a particular photo.

The image (above) went viral on the internet, and the 45-year-old star was compared to Disney villain Gaston from Beauty and the Beast after he was seen pairing his dapper ensemble with disproportionately big brown boots.

David was mortified after Victoria shared the snap on her Instagram page. In the photo, the couple poses outside their Cotswolds mansion while wearing poppies in honour of Remembrance Day, observed in some Commonwealth countries to commemorate the sacrifices of members of the armed forces and civilians in times of war, specifically since World War I. In addition to their red poppy pins, Victoria wore an orange sweater with two-toned jeans, while David dressed elegantly in a shirt and a blazer with corduroy trousers. 

Victoria captioned the picture, "Wearing our poppies proudly today! #RemembranceSunday." But David wasn't pleased when his followers were distracted by his battered boots. One commenter wrote, "David, Goliath called, he wants his boots back!"

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Taking to his Instagram Stories, David expressed that his wife should have cut out his shoes from the final post, as he had only put them on at the last minute. Joining the original photo with the villain Gaston, he wrote: "So my wife decided to post before asking or cutting my chosen shoes at the last minute."

He added: "Revenge will be sweet @VictoriaBeckham."

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Photo via Instagram / @davidbeckham
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Photo via Instagram / @davidbeckham
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Photo via Instagram / @davidbeckham

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