Apple Debuts Heartwarming Short Film “The Bucket” for Chinese New Year

And get this, it’s shot entirely on an iPhone XS.

For Chinese New Year, Apple has released a short film titled The Bucket that is sure to stir emotions. The six-minute clip, shot by acclaimed Chinese film director Jia Zhangke, which explores family traditions during the festive period, follows the story of a young man who returns home after visiting his mother in the countryside and receives a bucket as a gift.

The Bucket evokes a taste of home during the festive season where families reunite and hopes to show the contrast of emotions through the slowing of time with the iPhone XS’ Slo-mo function and to bridge the gap between the subject matter and audience using Depth Control.

How does a bucket bring us all home this Chinese New Year? Watch the short film down below.

Chinese New Year – The Bucket – Apple

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