A Look Inside Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas' 3-Day Wedding

Here's a complete timeline of all the celebrations that took place at the extravagant #Nickyanka wedding from 28 November to 2 December.
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If you're struck with wedding fever this Monday morning, we don't blame you. Over the weekend, you would've seen some of the photos of the wedding ceremonies (yes, that's plural) between actress and international beauty icon Priyanka Chopra and singer Nick Jonas

The couple, who for some time had kept the details and the date of the event secret, could not hide their arrival in Mumbai, India's capital and bride's homeland, on Wednesday, 28 November.

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(Photo: Reproduction / Instagram @hugogloss)
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(Photo: Reproduction / Instagram @hugogloss)

Celebrations officially kicked off on that very Wednesday and continued on until Sunday, December 2. According to the couple, it was fundamental that each one of them deeply represented the union from their different cultures. The last few days reflected exactly that through a long and festive celebration that brought together the couple's friends and family.  

Several traditional Hindu pre-wedding festivities were held: the Puja ceremony that took place at the home of the bride's mother; Sangeet, the ceremony in which relatives and friends dance together; Mehndi, a private event where  the bride is adorned with traditional Indian henna tattoos; and Haldi, whose purpose is to ward off evil and bless the couple.

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(Photo: Reproduction / Instagram @nickjonas)
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(Photo: Reproduction / Instagram @nickjonas)
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The Mehendi pre-celebration ceremony. On her Instagram, Priyanka wrote: "One of the most important things that our relationship has given us was the union of two families who love and respect their different faiths and cultures." (Photo: Reproduction / Instagram @nickjonas)
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(Photo: Reproduction / Instagram @nickjonas)
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(Photo: Reproduction / Instagram @nickjonas)
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(Photo: Reproduction / Instagram @nickjonas)

After the many events, the first official wedding ceremony took place on Saturday, December 1 at the famous Taj Umaid Bhawan Palace, located in Jodhpur.

In this beautiful setting, the Christian ceremony took place, in accordance to the religion of the Jonas family. For the occasion, Pryianka paid homage when choosing a dress from American designer Ralph Lauren, who played a key role in the couple's love story — he was the one who'd invited them to the Met Gala, where they actually met a few years ago.    

This was followed by a traditional Hindu wedding on Sunday, 2 December. The marriage ceremony took place in the same Palace, but this time in a totally different venue of the party from the day before. Following tradition, Nick Jonas arrived on a horse bearing an Indian sword, while Pryianka, by all indications, wore more than one dress throughout the occasion. (She did warn beforehand that "guests are going to need a vacation after this wedding!".)

Congratulations to the beautiful couple!

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(Photo: Reproduction / Instagram @priyankchopra)
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(Photo: Reproduction / Instagram @priyankchopra)
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(Photo: Reproduction / Instagram @priyankchopra)
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(Photo: Reproduction / Instagram @priyankchopra)
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(Photo: Reproduction / Instagram @priyankchopra)
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The Palávio, where the Christian and Hindu marriage ceremonies took place. (Photo: Disclosure.)

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