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Tag Heuer And Sonia Chew Are A Perfect Match

Sonia Chew, TAG Heuer’s Friend of Brand, talks to L’Officiel Singapore about how the pair just “vibed instantly”, and her unforgettable experience having brunch with her other “BFF”, Chris Hemsworth.
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How has the experience been as a friend of TAG Heuer?

I’ve always been a TAG Heuer wearer – in fact the first watch I got from my parents when I got my diploma was an Aquaracer! Fast forward to present day: I think the relationship started very organically. We “vibed” instantly, and I was thrilled when they reached out about this partnership. It has been nothing short of refreshing and exhilarating so far! We’re already talking about future plans in the coming months.

Why do you think TAG Heuer and Sonia hit it off?

TAG Heuer represents many things that I either am or aspire to be – to be adventurous, bold and passionate in every aspect of life.

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What’s the most memorable moment you’ve had with the brand so far?

It’s got to be brunch with my BFF, Chris Hemsworth, while we learned more about the TAG Heuer Autavia!

What’s your favourite timepiece at the moment?

Right now, I never leave the house without the TAG Heuer Carrera Lady in rose gold and black leather. It’s the right balance of badass and classy, and it adds an edge to any outfit I choose to wear.

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How do you identify with the phrase, “don’t crack under pressure”?

It’s a statement we live by and say more than we realize, and that’s what makes the brand so easy to relate to. I’ve worn TAG Heuer through many phases in life, and no matter what phase that may be – there’s a perfect timepiece.

What’s next for Sonia Chew?

I’m on the lookout for the next challenge. My foray into F&B was unexpected – something I didn’t think I would pursue. I’ve learnt a lot from the first few months of running IZYFOOK, and these are valuable skills in business that I am so happy to be picking up now in my 20s. I plan to grow the travel show even more, and perhaps start thinking of my next business venture! While all this is happening, I’ll never forget how I started – and I’ll continue to hone my skills as a presenter and host. 


Full story in the September 2019 issue of L'Officiel Singapore.



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