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D&G Makes Its Debut in the World of Watches

Behold four horological marvels inspired by Giuseppe Verdi's famous operas
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NEWS: Dolce&Gabbana makes its debut in the world of Alta Orologeria for men, presenting four watches with unique aesthetic beauty and unparalleled mechanical movements. The operas of famous Italian composer Giuseppe Verdi are the inspiration behind these four horological masterpieces. Each watch is extraordinarily opulent was produced with an extreme attention to detail, with a painstaking selection of gemstones, and skillfully made friezes, bas-reliefs and embellishments.

Special calibres specifically designed for each style are made in Switzerland. This international partnership has led to the birth of four masterpieces with exceptional complications: a self-winding mechanical tourbillon, a tourbillon with chronograph and, the star of the collection, a tourbillon with minute repeater.

It has taken two years of work by the various departments to complete the Alta Orologeria project. These one-of-a-kind pieces are identified with a Dolce&Gabbana calibre and a certificate of authenticity to preserve their value over time. The four watches are kept in skilfully restored antique boxes.


This watch, inspired by Don Carlo’s opera, is the closest thing to a genuine treasure chest.

The case boasts a masterful openwork that reveals the heart of the watch; meanwhile, the bas-reliefs, engravings and splendid green cushion-cut emeralds are absolutely eye-catching. Once opened, markers and gold decorations float on the dial that has been carved from a single piece of lustrous jade. A window at six o’clock reveals the tourbillon device where the bridge is engraved with the DG logo.


Inspired by Otello’s opera, this piece has a mechanical movement with manual winding from the early 20th century that was engraved by Italian artisans and restored by expert Swiss watchmakers. The mother-of-pearl dial with refined Roman numerals is supported by a winged lion and a torch, which are made so that they are visible from both sides. The bezel, a clear reference to the Venetian Baroque style, houses the watch as if it was enclosed in a glass case and it features lavish hand-engraved details.


Nabucco’s opera, is dedicated to the Archangel Michael, who was intrinsically linked with Giuseppe Verdi. And thus, the figure of the Archangel dominates the entire case, first carefully sculpted by hand by a skilled goldsmith and then engraved to blend with the watch bezel. 

The dial, which is also a protagonist of this piece, shines not only due to the engravings but also due the enamel markers made by hand with a complex rounded effect. A window at six o’clock reveals the tourbillon device where the bridge is engraved with the DG logo.


Inspired by Verdi’s Macbeth, this model is a fascinating chronograph with tourbillon, which makes it possible to clock time with a single button. The device with column wheel starts, stops, and resets the time. The entirely handmade and fully engraved dial has chronometric second and minute counters beside a power reserve indicator. A window at six o’clock reveals the tourbillon device where the bridge is engraved with the DG logo.The case and bracelet are milled and decorated with engravings of Arabic and Roman numerals forming an abstract design that is meant to represent the relativity of time.



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