Exclusive: Tabitha Nauser's Bulletproof music video and other teasers

Ahead of her new music video Bulletproof's drop this Friday, the sultry singer tells us about her blonde ambitions and why her new hit single is the love song to end all love songs.
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There are plenty of reasons why Tabitha Nauser (@tabithanauser) is a card-carrying member of our L'Off Squad. With killer vocals, a badass attitude, and a burning ambition that just won't quit, she undoubtedly represents the daring, multifaceted L'Officiel woman. Oh, and did we mention that Tabitha is just so darn hot? #girlcrush

That pic you're looking at above is a lil teaser from the music video for her hit single Bulletproof, which drops this Friday, 24 March. In this exclusive interview, we chat with Tabitha about making that MV – and attempt to make the gal spill on who loves her loves her like bulletproof, beauty secrets (spoiler: she woke up like that), guilty pleasures and stuff... 

"'Driven' wouldn't be the word my parents would've used to describe me. They would use 'stubborn' instead."
"You just gotta find what works for you and milk it!"
"Do blondes really have more fun? TOTALLY."
"I really just used my Bulletproof music video as an excuse to play dress up!"
"Bulletproof is about LOVE. It's about loving someone through thick and thin."
Best song when you're in love? "Bulletproof!"
Songs to cry yourself to sleep: "Any song by Adele. She just understands my soul!"
Party Playlist: "James Brown — that needs no explanation."

(That's Tabitha and friends at L'Officiel Singapore's Rated X Party, btw... where she also performed)

Word to the wise: "Just keep doing what you're doing and don't let anyone steal your thunder!"



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