You Can Now Take Film Photos With Saint Laurent

Get creative with Saint Laurent Rive Droite x Lomography, the partnership we didn’t know we needed
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 Saint Laurent Rive Droite has unveiled its latest collaboration - a partnership with Lomography for a set of 35mm cameras. 

The campaign, photographed by Jeurgen Teller and under creative director Anthony Vaccarello, features two cameras coming in two sleek designs - checkered print pre-loaded with black and white film, and white and red star pattern for colour negatives films. The cameras work as single use cameras, and can also be reused and reloaded with 35mm film.

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Saint Laurent Rive Droite x Lomography

Both cameras come equipped with flash, with the star patterned camera coming with creative colour gels to bring new hues to your shots.

Analogue photography is alive and more popular than ever, and now is the perfect time to stay creative and explore with art and film. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned pro, the Saint Laurent Rive Droite x Lomography cameras are just the perfect stylish tools to get you started.


Lomography is a camera company known for its distinctive lo-fi quality since 1991, involving taking spontaneous photographs with minimal attention to technical detail. The Austrian company started when they stumbled upon the Lomo LC-A, the most popular Russian camera of the 1980s.




The cameras are currently available at the Saint Laurent Rive Droite stores in Paris and Los Angeles

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