Christmas Gift Ideas for the Novice Yogi

Whether you've just bought your first yoga mat or take adaptogenic herbs daily, we've rounded up gifts for everyone on the wellness spectrum.
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Once relegated to the fringes of society, the wellness movement, centered around various form of exercise, whole-food diets, and psychological well-being, is currently a power player in today’s cultural conversation. Yoga studios are scattered on almost every block, and kombucha is now sold in most Bodegas. So, odds are you either have a friend leaning in hard to their wellness side, or you are that friend. In either case, look no further for a comprehensive health and well-being roundup.

UMA x Equinox Pure Recovery Candle

If you’ve ever set foot in an Equinox gym, then you know that luxury, comfort, and physical well-being go hand-in-hand. This candle, created in collaboration with the haute gym, is handcrafted with UMA Oils’ essential oils, and featuring a strong eucalyptus scent to mimic those on the towels in the gym.

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Olio Maestro 4 Piece Set

While those outside of wellness circles may need an intro to the notion of lymphatic drainage (an essential mechanism in our bodies’ quest for detoxification), anyone who passed well-being 101 will know all about lymph function. The Olio Maestro four-piece set is meant as an all-around detox centered around the idea of lymphatic fluid: how to drain it, what it targets, why it’s important. The set is a six-week program with two body oils, a suction cup to break up cellulite, and two diuretic teas to flush out water weight.

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Tulii Dawa Kali Restorative Skin Oil

Among the most popular wellness trends are those cashing in on adaptogenic herbs, a class of plants that purportedly minimize the physiological (and, in some cases, psychological) burdens of stress on our bodies. Chief among the herbs as a panaceaic supplement is Moringa, a tree whose leaf oils can be found in this face oil. Rich in moisturizing omegas and various nutrients, the oil is meant as either a heavy-duty winter moisturizer or a treatment for dry skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis.

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WelleCo Super Elixir Greens Set

The most important component of any wellness routine comes back to the diet. Elle Macpherson, a longtime endorser of the alkaline diet, has gone ahead and made it available to the masses in powdered form. Perfect for a slip into a post-pilates smoothie or even just mixed with water, the supplement is a heady dose of leafy greens and detoxifying agents.

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The Nue Co Functional Fragrance

Fragrances, historically, have served a function: making us smell either flowery, or woody, or citrus-y, or in the past century, like some combination of all of the above. But The Nue Co. stayed true to their name in creating the Functional Fragrance: it smells like chai, but allegedly manipulates biological olfactory triggers to lower cortisol levels. Cortisol, the stress hormone, causes weight gain and weakens the immune system. So anything that negates those effects while making us smell a little bit fresher has out vote.

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Vitruvi Stone Diffuser

Essential oils, used for aromatherapy, also work to trigger their own responses of relaxation. Either rubbed on pulse points or diffused through the air, the benefits of aromatherapy are said to be numerous, whether calming or headache-dulling. As for finding a diffuser as functional as it is chic, vitruvi is the gold standard with their chic design.

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CAP Beauty The O'Clocks: The 8AM

With previously-aforementioned adaptogenic herbs taking center-stage on all things “balancing,” check out the blends created by West Village natural beauty wellness pilgrimage site CAP Beauty. 8 AM has hormone-balancing Ashwagandha and Rhodiola, the latter of which is taken for endurance and strength.

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Simris Algae Omega-3

Whether for skin, for hair, or exercise recovery, Omega-3’s have long been linked to general health and overall well-being. This algae-based formula is perfect for those whose lifestyles gear towards the plant-based (you can’t have fish oil if you can’t eat fish, after all). The vegan-friendly supplements even come in a chic bottle to boot.

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Dry Farm Wines Biodynamic Wine Subscription

Ever love wine, hate the hangovers? Luckily, the good folks over at Dry Farm Wines have taken the legwork out of finding a biodynamic, additive-free wine to avoid those headache-inducing sulfites. Sourced from small farms around the world, Dry Farm Wines will send selections either monthly or bimonthly, either a half-dozen or a dozen at a time.

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