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Using embroidery as a tool of expression and a way of taking the viewer beyond the edge of reality, Lisa Smirnova literally weaves a magical narrative.
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Who knew that a painting could be rendered with needle and thread, that needlework could be manipulated in such an innovative and transformative fashion? Open your eyes and mind now to the splendour of Lisa Smirnova’s creations. The Moscow-based artist “paints” with a combination of vividly hued threads and fabrics, creating surrealistic portraits, whimsical domains filled with enchanting beasts, and watercolour-like patches of abstract forms.

“We sewed and painted a lot,” recalls Smirnova of her days as a student majoring in theatre costume design. “One day, I simply decided to replace ink with thread. I began to draw with embroidery. I found this method really interesting and realised that I could bring something new to this art form.”

Like intricate coloured-pencil drawings, Smirnova’s hand-embroidered works have gained her 15.5k followers on Instagram. And now, you can view them up close at K+, Scotts Square in an exhibition entitled My Embroidered Life, curated by Kinetic Singapore, a boutique design, advertising and interactive agency.


The exhibition runs until 22 May 2016. For more information, visit

“One day, I simply decided to replace ink with thread… and realised that I could bring something  new to this art form.” LISA SMIRNOVA

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