Gettin' Juiced Up With Joe & The Juice

Fifteen years after being founded in Copenhagen, Joe & The Juice had expanded to 70 cities – including Singapore. CEO Kaspar Basse tells us why juice makes him jive
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Upbeat music pumping overheard, bantering bartenders showing off slick moves behind the counter – if there’s ever a fix for Monday morning bleariness or a mid-afternoon slump, you’ll find it in Joe & The Juice. A liquid dose of goodness from fruits and veg or a caffeine hit usually does the trick, and the infectious energy of the juice boys is a top-up. Behind the fun vibe is a serious commitment to a healthy offering: juices and shakes are freshly made; all ingredients are fresh and organic where possible.

Kasper Basse, the great Dane who conceptualized this concept in 2002, gives us more juicy details behind this edgy juice and coffee bar.

What’s the story behind Joe & The Juice?

I have a background in elite sports and a black belt in karate, so I’ve always known that vitamins and minerals are important to maintain good health and high performance. But I found vegetables extremely boring. Juicing was a way for me to get nutrients to taste amazing. And I am impressed and inspired by the coffee houses that have a global footprint.


What do you think makes Joe & The Juice different?

We feel that healthy lifestyle choices shouldn’t have to be a sacrifice of fun. We offer a unique combination of health and entertainment in a fast-paced environment, with everything on the menu, made fresh. The atmosphere at Joe & The Juice is almost like a nightclub, with energetic music and staff who are more like friends, offering suggestions based on individual taste and preference. We want to leave each customer not only with the benefits of the vitamins and minerals in their fresh pressed juice, but also with a smile on their face.


What benefit comes from having juices made fresh?

We make each individual juice in order, to deliver freshness and maximum vitamins and minerals. “Slow juice”, on the other hand, goes through oxidation during bottling, High Pressure Processing to increase shelf life, and transportation from production facility to store. All this may negatively affect levels of enzymes, nutrients probiotics and minerals. Every hour that the bottled juice spends on the shelf, it loses a bit more.

"The atmosphere at Joe & The Juice is almost like a nighclub, with energetic music and staff who are more like friends."

Where do you get inspiration for the juices?

We look at health trends, examine the science behind them and decide whether to tweak or add products.

What are your most popular juices?

They vary a bit by every market, but green juices or those with beets and carrots are very popular now. Consumers have become much more knowledgeable on the nutritional benefits of certain ingredients. For example, root vegetables like beets and carrots are high in anti-oxidants and are known to help increase oxygen intake, creating good, clean energy. And because they want all the vitamins and minerals of juices while keeping the calorie and sugar content down, customers are requesting that juices be made predominately with vegetables rather than fruits.

Which is your favorite?

Green Mile with extra avocado (broccoli, spinach, avocado, lemon, apple) with extra avocado. It’s my go-to post-workout breakfast every morning. I add the extra avocado because it helps keep me full until lunch.


Joe & The Juice is located at Chevron House (30 Raffles Place, #01-35A/35), Quayside Isle (31 Ocean Way Sentosa Cove, #01-09) and Tanjong Pagar Centre (7 Wallich Street, #01-07).



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