First Look at Off-White's Collaboration with IKEA

A guide to hype living, from a triangular doorstop to a Persian rug branded "KEEP OFF."
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It has been almost a year since Swedish furniture brand IKEA announced its collaboration with Off-White, but the craze hasn't died down. 

At a media preview yesterday, Virgil Abloh spoke to HYPEBEAST about his take on modern day home furnishing, which of course, includes irony. The newly appointed Louis Vuitton designer, designed a woven Persian rug with the words "KEEP OFF" written with his signature quotation font. Other pieces include a triangular doorstop, wooden chairs, and glass cabinet units. During the prototype preview, Abloh also showed a redesign of IKEA's FRAKTA tote, with the quote "SCULPTURE" in huge letters. 

Unfortunately, so many details are left undisclosed (will the price range be IKEA friendly?). While OFF-WHITE X IKEA's "MARKERAD" collection is still a work in progress, take a sneakpeak at the products, below: 

Exclusive Look at Virgil Abloh x IKEA Collaboration



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