Slide Into My DMs: Meet The Singaporean Ceramist Making Waves

In this weekly column, we slide into the DMs of up-and-coming creatives that should be on your radar. Kicking things off is Daisy Toh, the ceramist going against the grain.
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The Colour of Calm - Images: Gregory Woo

In a time where we've become increasingly acquainted with the walls of our homes, 26-year-old Daisy Toh's creations prove to be a subtle yet invigorating escape. Toh – who is an alumna of the School of the Arts Singapore and National Taiwan University of the Arts – has quickly exploded onto Singapore's arts scene, with a repertoire that lends from her time away from home. Amongst her seven-piece series which debuted at To Return From Sojourn – Toh's solo exhibition at ION Art Gallery as part of the Affordable Art Fair’s Young Talent Programme in 2020  – is The Colour of Calm.

"Its palette is inspired by the sky and the clouds, one of the few constants in my life when I was splitting the seasons between Singapore and Taiwan. No matter where I was, the skies looked the same; the clouds drifted on, indifferent to anything that happened beneath it. These two pieces in particular mimic dusk and dawn. By drawing inspiration from moments of natural beauty that soothed me in times of need, it is my hope that this work brings the same sense of peace and calm to viewers." she shares. 


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The Colour of Calm - Images: Gregory Woo

And given the momentum Toh is gaining, more peace and calm we can expect. Some of her other scenes of inspiration include: blue skies, seas and oceans. Over the last few years, Toh – who is currently a Studio Manager and Instructor at The Potters’ Guilt, a ceramics studio based in Chinatown – has shown at various exhibitions and most recently, presented her works at Singapore Art Week amongst 17 other contemporary artists.

Here, she indulges us in the hues of nature, the inspiration behind her works and the beauty of going against the grain. Swipe below for the full interview. 


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