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Swatch's Super Slim Watches Now Come in Metal

Fans of Swatch's SKIN collection will love these cool new metal models
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Last year, Swatch launched their thinnest watch line ever, the SKIN series, to great fanfare. And it's easy to see why they were so popular: The watches were lightweight and came in a variety of colours and straps (11 to be exact) , making them a breeze to style.

Fans of the slim SKIN will be glad to know the Swiss watchmaker is rolling out eight sleek new models in cold, hard metal.

With a height of just 5.8mm, the tickers in the latest SKIN Irony collection keep the series’ signature understated look but have the added element of brushed and polished stainless steel wrapped in vintage-style metals. 

Just like the original SKIN series, and true to the versatility so important to Swatch’s DNA, the designs in the new collection appeal to different tastes and suit various occasions.

There's a SKIN Irony watch for everyone. The completely golden SKINLINGOT and all-silver SKINPOLE make a bold statement in stainless steel dials and bracelets while still keeping appearances clean and minimal.

Alternatively, go business casual with the SKINNOIRIRON and SKINBRUSHED. The former comes with a white dial and black silicone strap while the latter comes with a black dial and dark brown leather strap.

With gold and silver sparkles on their dials, the feminine SKINDOREE and SKINALLIAGE are great day-to-night pieces. For gym bunnies, the striped silicone straps on the SKINBLUEIRON and SKINSPRING fit right in with activewear.

And with a dial size of 38mm, the watches comfortably fit both masculine and feminine wrists — a great excuse to buy several designs to "share" with a loved one.

The Swatch SKIN Irony collection is available now in all Swatch stores. 

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