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Nature Meets The Supernatural In Cartier's New [Sur]Naturel Collection

The Maison's latest line of high jewellery liberates itself from reality
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Cartier surpasses reality to arrive in a supernatural realm called [Sur]Naturel in its latest high jewellery collection. [Sur]Naturel takes a creative path that joins figuration with abstraction, influenced by nature's elements like water, flora, and fauna. 

The Maison's jewellers stylise these influences' characteristics, like an animal's coloured spots and the curves of a plant, to create this mystical collection. Reflecting inspiration from natural elements like the movement of water and the scales of reptiles, and employing stones like diamond, emerald, opal, and kunzite, the pieces represent a supernatural beauty, evoking a sense of wilderness and fantasy. 

The [Sur]Naturel series features five elegant necklaces and a charming wristwatch. The Gharial is a platinum necklace set with octagonal emeralds and brilliant-cut diamonds, while an abstract serpent is presented in the Opheis, showcasing a combination of diamonds, onyx, and emeralds to mirror the sinuous form and scales of a snake.

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The Sinopé, in contrast, comprises brilliant-cut diamonds and a set of 5 sapphires, evoking the fluid movement of a river, while the Hemis necklace's opals, kunzite, and pink and white diamonds create a spotted effect that mimics the patterns of an animal's fur, and the Tillandsia flaunts two luminous beryls at the centre of the necklace, inspired by the surreal.

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And last but not least, Cartier's famed icon, the panther, is envisioned in the Panthère Tropicale wristwatch, composed of aquamarine, tourmalines, onyx, diamonds, yellow gold and more. These sublime stones allow for Cartier's [Sur]Naturel collection to free itself from the constraints of reality, as it embraces nature's beauty within a supernatural realm. 

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