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Made With Love: 3 Young And Already Popular Jewellery Brands

The jewellery world, like any other world, seems infinite, so the appearance of new players in the arena sometimes remains unnoticed, but not in the case of the three young brands presented below, which have already become the zest of jewellery-wardrobes of celebrities from around the world. Let's find out why.
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Jemma Wynne

Jemma Wynne (@jemmawynne)

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The jewellery brand, launched in 2008, is a joint creation of Stephanie Wynne Lalin and Jenny Klatt, genuine representatives of New York. Their general inspiration by the metropolis, its diversity, local residents, and timeless fashion became the starting point in creating sophisticated and naturally light jewellery. The founders of JEMMA WYNNE speak of each item in the brand's collections as a "cashmere favourite sweater" in the jewellery industry.

Own emotions became the ideological basis of creating the brand - Stephanie and Jenny are able to boast of exceptional taste and daily prove that they know how to please really luxurious women. Travelling through Europe, visiting historically valuable places, and interest in jewellery topics allowed them to develop a unique personal aesthetic that is appreciated by connoisseurs of restrained chic.

Each product is unique and made in a trendy minimalist style. Jewellery is decorated with precious stones and made of precious metals - silver and gold. That is why they are perfectly combined with each other even in the case of  "active" combinations with a large number of elements. At the same time, the architecture of necklaces, earrings, rings, and pendants is unpredictable - a unique perspective with necessarily interesting detail is created in each item. The arsenal of brand achievements contains a regularly updated list of celebrities who are happy to show jewellery to the public. These are: Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell, Camila Alves, Olivia Palermo, Jessics Biel, and others. 

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Anna Andres Jewelry (@annaandresjewelry)

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Anna's biography describes how, being a child, she had a very curious attitude to those things that attracted her attention. Even at such a young age, the girl understood that jewellery meant more than an accessory wardrobe. For her, this is a part of herself and of the mood she carries to the masses. Despite the fact that the self-titled Anna Andres brand is quite young, the design of elegant and sophisticated jewellery got beloved by insiders, influencers, and other representatives of the fashion world.  

Each collection is characterised by refinement and a sense of style of the founder herself, as each decoration carries inspiration in architecture, modern art, design, and even as Anna claims, a reference to the favourite lines in the sky that aircraft leave behind. 

For example, the first collection was identified with the works of the Iraqi-British architect Zaha Hadid, the first ever woman to receive the Pritzker Architecture Prize. Just such a strong emotional message and a variety of sub-meanings characterise ANNA ANDRES JEWELRY. 

A few years before the launch of the self-titled brand, Andres repeatedly visited Baselworld in Switzerland, got acquainted with the art of modern innovations in the jewellery industry, and studied at the legendary Central Saint Martins of Art and Design in London on the course The Jewelry Business Explained. Today, the girl does not conceal that she plans to open franchises and launch several collaborations within the framework of ANNA ANDRES JEWELRY, but she is in no hurry to share the details. 

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Elena Lokk (@elenalokk)

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Designer jewellery by ELENA LOKK - handmade, natural Swarovski stones and crystals, collected in entire exclusive collections to each of their owners with the exceptional opportunity to feel "unique and inimitable," comments the brand founder. O

In all business processes, the designer is personally present, since she claims that this approach helps her jewellery to carry the necessary philosophy of jewellery by ELENA LOKK in order to emphasise the merits ans exclusivity of their owners, but not the other way around. She is always inspired with travels and amazing places scattered around the world. Therefore, in search of recharge for new ideas, she has almost no problem. 

Despite the young age of the ELENA LOKK brand, the designer managed to establish herself among connoisseurs of unique luxury in Russia, Ukraine, Switzerland, Italy, and Monaco. The ideology of the brand is augmented perfection, because it has no borders. The history of the brand began with a sketch of the necklace - it was painted to subsequently not resemble other jewellery. Even before starting work, Elena understood three dogmas: only handmade, natural, precious, and semiprecious stones, and, of course, Swarovski. At first, the owners of the author's works were relatives and friends, later, hundreds of fans of exclusive things appreciated the exceptional taste and the ability to feel the energy of the finest architecture of products. 

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