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Interview: Margot Robbie On Her Relationship With Time

Here, we speak to the Hollywood actress on her relationship with time, why the twenties aren't the best years of your life, and more.
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After Keira Knightley, Lily-Rose Depp, Vanessa Paradis, and Naomi Campbell, Margot Robbie is the latest face to join the ranks of iconic ambassadors who have lent their beauty to Chanel's J12 campaigns.

Initiated in 2019, this cult watch has risen to the top of the list of the most prominent watches of the house on rue Cambon, for women who know how to pay attention to their lives and to the intimate chronometer that bifurcates a destiny in seconds.

"It is an incredibly special feeling to be alongside such inspiring women in this campaign. To be the J12 watch, for me, is to recognize and appreciate time, " says the 30-year-old actress. Here, we speak to the Hollywood actress on her relationship with time, why the twenties aren't the best years of your life, and more.

How would you define your relationship with watches?

My watch allows me to distance myself from technology and focus on the present moment.


What does the J12 watch mean to you?

For me, the J12 watch is recognizing and appreciating time.


The J12 watch celebrated its 20th anniversary last year. Where were you twenty years ago? What were you doing ?

Twenty years ago, I was ten years old and I lived in Australia in my hometown, the Gold Coast. I remember being particularly rebellious at that age - at school I was often in detention! But when I wasn't in detention, I was out or in the water. The Gold Coast (as the name suggests) is a place where the coastal and hinterland landscapes are incredibly beautiful.


What did you dream of twenty years ago?

I already had big dreams at that age, I knew I wanted to see the world and go on an adventure.


When you are twenty, anything seems possible. Time seems endless at this age. True or false ?

I think you should never set limits on yourself, no matter the age. We should never stop dreaming big.


What does "being in the industry for twenty years" mean to an actress?

It means you've built a career on more than just appearances. This means that you have proven that you have talent, sound judgment, good instincts, that you work a lot ... and that you have a tough skin!


In your job, which is also a passion, you don't count your time. You have to earn it, learn to work with it, tame it. Is time a friend or an enemy?

In this line of work, especially as a producer, we have the feeling that time is never on our side. But I have seen the most incredible things created under the pressure of time constraints. It pushes us to do things we might not have had the courage to do if time was not running out.


"I was twenty, I won't let anyone say those are the best years of your life". This is a famous quote from Paul Nizan in his 1931 novel Aden Arabia. Do you agree with him?

I agree with him. I often ask people what their preferred age is, and the only people who answer their twenties are those who are still in their twenties.


Twenty years is often the time required for the experience. You agree ?

Experience is the path that leads us to understanding. I guess the time needed depends on what you are trying to understand.


It is customary to say that an actor plays. Does time also play with you?

There were times when I thought twenty minutes had passed when it was actually two hours. Time does has a funny way of playing tricks on us.


They say time flies... But it does a lot more than just pass right?

Yes, time does so much more! Time allows us to grow, evolve, create, learn, change, heal, forgive, love - it allows us to live.


It is also generally said that time flies a little slower when you areret years old. Is it only in our head?

The busier we are the faster the time flies and I've always been very busy since I was ten, twenty but now at thirty I try to focus on the things I really want to devote my time to. But if it's something I really want to do, I never feel like I am wasting a minute. It's time well spent.

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