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Bulgari's Barocko Collection Captivates With Its Grandiose Baroque Designs

The Italian jeweller celebrates its rich heritage with a new high jewellery line, inspired by the extravagance of Baroque art and architecture
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With Rome as the Italian jewellery brand's muse for over 130 years, Bulgari lavishly embraces its heritage with its latest collection, which aims to recreate the grandeur of 16th-century Rome. The Barocko Collection is a contemporary take on Baroque art and architecture that celebrates life and beauty. Creative director Lucia Silvestri and her fellow Bulgari artisans create extravagant yet soft designs meant to evoke awe and wonder with its maximalist aesthetics. 

Similar to the traits of Baroque art, the Barocko collection plays with light and shadow while also adding a sense of dramatic movement through its sinuous lines and lively hues. Baroque architecture motifs like the curved lines of 16th-century decor are also featured in the collection, as it gains inspiration from famous landmarks like the Fountain of the Four Rivers sculpted by Lorenzo Bernini, and the Church of Sant'Agnese in Agone designed by Francesco Borromini.

Inspired by the dramatic grandeur of Bernini's Fountain of the Four River, the seductive "Serpenti Spell" bracelet-ring captivates with its shimmering diamonds that took 500 hours to complete. The white gold "Ruby Drapery" earrings simultaneously display a softness and sensuality with its diamonds and rubies, which create sinuous lines influenced by marble drapery. 

The collection establishes harmony between flamboyancy and refinement to forge an eccentric sophistication in its pieces. Bulgari's latest collection delivers a message of hope and optimism with its vibrant colours, light effects, extravagant shapes, and other intricate details. With this high jewellery collection, Bulgari hopes to spread joy and positivity around the world. 



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