Channel Your Zodiac Sign With These Spring/Summer 2021 Runway Accessories

As we make our way through Aquarius season, find out what designer accessory your zodiac sign will be sporting this spring.
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Accessories easily elevate looks and if styled correctly, they prevent you from falling prey to the fashion faux pas of predictable outfits. Whether it is a statement Y/Project jewellery set, a pair of Fendi fishnet boots or a Dior bucket bag, there are plenty of accessories to choose from that suit all kinds of styles, personalities, and even zodiac signs. Here, we gather the best accessories from the Spring/Summer 2021 runways to match each astrological sign.


1611718638427524 spring summer 2021 accessories zodiac y project
Y/Project Spring/Summer 2021

It's Aquarius season, and the progressive and independent sign loves to make a statement through style. Unique pearl cuffs from Y/Project are the perfect accessory for the Water Bearer to feel original, with an elegant edge.


1611718638634201 spring summer 2021 accessories zodiac fendi
Fendi Spring/Summer 2021

Pisces is a sign known for its incredibly creative capabilities. The distinctive design of these Fendi fishnet boots pairs well with the Water sign’s artistic wit. 


1611718638853617 spring summer 2021 accessories zodiac versace
Versace Spring/Summer 2021

This adventurous Fire sign feels at its best if dressed in bold colours and eclectic patterns. These bright orange Versace stilettos with golden pendant anklets will definitely give Aries its much needed boost.


1611718639087996 spring summer 2021 accessories zodiac christian dior
Christian Dior Spring/Summer 2021

Grounded Taurus demands comfort and luxury. A boho-inspired Dior bucket bag with tassels in earthy tones is the perfect accessory for this sign.


1611718639351443 spring summer 2021 accessories zodiac sign burberry
Burberry Spring/Summer 2021

The easy-going, fun-loving Gemini likes to be rebellious at times. When out and about, the Air sign has a lot of energy to share with others, and their fashion should reflect their hunger for life. A pair of over-the-knee white leather Burberry boots are indeed the statement piece for Geminis.


1611718639612794 spring summer 2021 accessories zodiac vivienne westwood
Vivienne Westwood Spring/Summer 2021

Romantic, sensitive, and nurturing are the best qualities to describe the armoured yet mighty Cancer. A kitschy, heart-shaped Vivienne Westwood bag in crocodile skin can help the Water sign wear their heart on their sleeve.


1611718639836371 gucci zodiac accessory spring 2021
Gucci Spring/Summer 2021

Courageous and eccentric Leo loves to be at the centre of attention. Accordingly, they have to wear an accessory that will leave a mark once they appear. A statement bag from Gucci will surely do the trick.


1611718640101642 valentino zodiac accessory spring 2021
Valentino Spring/Summer 2021

This Earth sign values elegant and polished pieces. These lavish Valentino studded sandals provide this in spades for the practical Virgo.


1611718640372480 spring summer 2021 accessories zodiac balmain
Balmain Spring/Summer 2021

A lover of beautiful and harmonious things, Libra will surely benefit from a Balmain logo fanny pack. While the sign is notoriously indecisive, they'll have no problem reaching for this chic piece.


1611718640590180 spring summer 2021 accessories zodiac max mara
Max Mara Spring/Summer 2021

The stinging Water sign craves the mystical and the mysterious. This Max Mara necklace pouch duo is ideal for Scorpios to keep all of their secrets close.


1611718640802173 tom ford zodiac accessory spring 2021
Tom Ford Spring/Summer 2021

Sagittarians are optimistic lovers of freedom and discovery. Their go-to accessory should be versatile, like this pair of Tom Ford sunglasses the Fire sign won’t ever be able to leave behind.


1611718641054628 spring summer 2021 accessories zodiac jw anderson
JW Anderson Spring/Summer 2021

The best accessory for this Earth sign will be in tune with its pragmatism and hard work. JW Anderson’s tobacco leather bag with oversized gold hardware reflects luxury and ambition for Capricorns. 

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