Solid Vision: How To Pull Off A Monochromatic Outfit

Take inspiration from these social media style stars and embrace the monochrome look
Reading time 2 minutes

Wearing one colour doesn't have to be boring. There's something about these tonal looks that feel sophisticated and effortlessly cool. 


Here are some tips to ace the monochrome look: 

1. Start with ton sur ton, that is to say, mix shades of the same colour, such as light blue and navy, pistachio and military green, mustard and pastel yellow etc. 

2. Combine textures to make the look less uniform, or break up similar fabrics with a statement belt. 

3. Play with proportions, and pair a fitted top with a flowing skirt or skinny trousers with a baggy jumper, and so on. 

4. Go full-on and match the outfit with shoes, bags, and sunglasses in the same hue. 

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