Salvatore Ferragamo Explores The Modern Woman For Fall 2020

The collection melded traditional masculinity with a feminine sensuality. See all the looks here
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What is the female identity in today’s modern times? Trying to unpack as such seems almost an impossible task - there is no time more than ever where we are faced with an increasingly diverse and flexible female identities, but it is this very complexity that inspired Salvatore Ferragamo’s Fall 2020 collection.

“Key to this collection was considering some of the many women we idolise. We found a book by Fulvia Ferragamo in which she collected botanical images for inspiration: we used this across the collection in print, knitwear and also embroidered onto shirting. We also considered a multifaceted range of female heroes from Virginia Woolf to Nancy Pelosi via Michelle Obama and Nina Simone, and worked to reflect their intelligence, bravery and beauty in the collection,” says creative director Paul Andrew in a press release.

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No doubt, today’s self-defining woman makes for a fluid, self-authored sense of expression, ripe for nonconformist experimentation and play.  

What this translated into was a collection that reinterpretated traditional notions of the male wardrobe with a sophisticated vision of female sensuality. The collection consisted of severe coats, suit jackets, trousers, leather suits with a military flare, and a marked sensuality via the eroticism of bare backs, skirts of deep slits, translucent knitted or chiffon dresses, and bodies made alive by fringes.

Classic pieces were added with surprise elements or twists, such as the opening with camel coats that unbuttoned to show a fringe chain skirt in gold.

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One gets the sense that the austere side of Ferragamo has been thrown out, to welcome a more free spirited one in place. Certainly an attitude to embrace in today’s uncertain times.

View the entire collection here: 



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